Vice President for Research and Community Engagement (VPRCE)


Mekelle University strives for excellence in academics, research, and community service and contributes to the advancement of knowledge, economic growth, and social welfare through innovation and entrepreneurship, partnering with institutions, and empowering communities. Read more ... 

VPRCE Strategic themes

Excellence in

  1. Research and Technology Transfer to address felt needs of industry and society,
  2. Community Service to empower regional and national societies, and
  3. Boost internationalization and stakeholder engagement.

According to the former Ministry of Science and Higher Education, by 2020, Mekelle University has been ranked as a research-intensive University.

Scope and management of projects

Research projects at Mekelle University generally fall within seven different categories, namely: Mega-scale, Large-scale, Medium-Scale, General/Young Junior Research, Female Junior research, demand-driven research, and externally funded research projects.

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MU Online Journals

  • Momona Ethiopian Journal of Science
  • Journal of Drylands
  • East African Journal of Health Sciences
  • Ethiopian Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Production
  • Journal of Citizenship and Morality
  • Mekelle University Journal Business & Development
  • Mekelle University Journal of Law
  • ITYOPIS: Northeast African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Journal of Educational and Behavioral Sciences
  • Brana Journal of Engineering and Technology
  • Journal of Political Science and Strategic Studies
  • Ethiopian Journal of Gender Research
  • Journal of Demography Africa


  1. Research Development and Partnership Directorate
  2. Postgraduate Research Directorate, 
  3. Community Engagement and Consultancy Services Directorate,
  4. Technology Transfer and University Industry Linkage Directorate,
  5. Publication and Documentation Directorate
  6. Research and Community Engagement Facility Directorate.