Core functions

  • Direct and administer the overall research, and community engagement activities of the University and Technology Transfer and University Industry linkage;
  • Ensure the initiation, development, and approval of relevant strategic policies and guidelines to manage and direct the overall research, community engagement, and technology development activities of the University;
  • Ensure the productive linkage and relevance of research and community engagement activities with the overall national objectives and societal needs;
  • Create and maintain a conducive environment in the University for research and community engagement activities;
  • Monitor and follow up on the proper implementation of all research and community engagement activities in the University;
  • Solicit funds and proactively work for the establishment of collaborative projects and partnership networking
  • Coordinate and ensure the provision of excellent consultancy services to stakeholders
  • Manage the identification, evaluation, protection, and commercialization of University technologies, and ensure university-industry-community linkage.
  • Solicit and manage Ph.D. research grants
  • Promote the establishment of specialized and high-tech research facilities and develop accurate and compelling business cases that enable evidence-based decisions on investments or initiatives in Shared Research Infrastructure Facilities.
  • Provide direction to all college/institute and organizational units in the development of their strategic innovation centers, supported by best practices, and monitor progress through appropriate performance indicators.
  • Organize and promote Mekelle University journals
  • Initiate the development and enforcement of publication policy, manuals, and guidelines
  • Ensure ethical publishing and provide recognition letters for peer-reviewed publications

Provide technical support to communities and stakeholders in areas of research, community engagement, consultancy services, technology development, and technology transfer. 

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